Why use a graphical user interface for Git version control?

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Git is the most popular versioning tool for files and applications. Git was mainly developed to manage the source code of open source software. Github is a widespread application among all open source contributors and freelance developers today. Although Git is primarily a CUI-based application, the GUI can also be configured to work with Git. For new users, the graphical user interface is a very good way to master the Git operations. If you’re also one of them looking for a GUI solution for Git, I’ve listed a few options below.

What is a Git GUI?

When the Linux kernel was developed open source, the idea of ​​Git arose. With Git you can organize file versions. In every development project, all the different versions are stored distributed among all contributors to the project. Whenever a user changes something in the source code or develops something new, the result is saved in a different location under the same tree. The software architect or the project manager decides which version should be included in the final version. This is where Git comes in, where Git makes it easy to manage, edit, and control the version of Git.

Git is usually operated via the command line interface. But for a better user experience and less complexity, GUIs were designed. The GUI makes it easier to navigate and use the Git cPanel. In a simple GUI, Git operations can be simplified and accelerated from the user side.

Advantages of the Git GUI

There are many benefits awaiting you when you switch from CUI to GUI. Some of them are listed below.

  • You master Git UI very quickly.
  • Speed ​​up user processes.
  • Looks chic and modern
  • The training of subordinates becomes easier
  • Drag & drop function
  • You can focus on the main task instead of typing carefully
  • Get rid of the CUI phobia.

The 5 best Git GUIs for Windows, Linux and macOS

When choosing or comparing among many Git GUIs, you can easily find the best one for you by looking at the features provided. Git GUIs are being forced to make operations on Git easier and more convenient. So if a provided GUI doesn’t offer enough features or an easy to use user interface, what’s the point of such a GUI app?

You can also see differences in licensing and integrating multiple online repositories such as Github or Bitbucket. Go through the following discussion where I discovered some of the key features of the best Git GUIs out there.

Source tree – GUI for Git

Behind Source Tree is a strong development team that offers users comprehensive support in addition to their standard GUI solution Git. But the Sourcetree Ui is packed with features, so it takes a long time to master the application.


  • The package is free to use and available on both window and Mac.
  • Commit, push, pull or merge, all commands can be executed with just one click.
  • You can connect other repositories like Bitbucket, Stash, Microsoft TFS, etc. together with Git.
  • You can manage your Git repositories from a single client, whether it’s hosted or on-premises.
  • Extensive support functions such as patch handling, rebase, shelf and cherry picking can be used for this.

Tower 2.5

Just like Sourcetree, Tower also offers a number of extensive functions. The tower is well organized and simpler when compared to Sourcetree. The latest stable release is 2.5 for Tower, which is loved by users. But, unlike Sourcetree, Tower isn’t available for free, which is a downside. Most of the time, Tower is chosen by users for its simplicity of the user interface.

Tower 2.5 GIT graphical user interface Windows


  • You can use the trial version before purchasing.
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
  • Has an undo option that allows you to undo everything in a project with a single click.
  • Drag & drop function available.
  • Cloning and reporting is as easy as a simple click.
  • You can automate the boring things by using third-party scripts.
  • Multiple window support is offered.
  • Also powered with an integrated diff viewer.
  • You can create and apply patches to files.


Gitkraken is available for window, Linux, and Mac, and can be linked to multiple online repositories. Gitkraken offers an intuitive user interface with a wide variety of functions. Compared to Sourcetree, Gitkraken isn’t free for home users. You can take advantage of the 7 day free period, but then you have to opt for a subscription that ranges from $ 5 to $ 9 / month.

Gitkraken GIT GUI Windows Linux and MacOS


  • Gitkraken has a built-in code editor.
  • Unlike Tower, Gitkraken is free for open source developers.
  • Has a visualization of the commit process.
  • Set of counter functions that are provided to avoid merging conflicts.
  • A one-click undo function has been added
  • Team collaboration and extensive Git integration features are packed with.


Giteye is a very simple but effective GUI for Git. If you have little experience with Git CUI and are looking for a free Git GUI, Giteye is for you. Giteye Git GUI is available on Windows, OSX and Linux platforms and is supported on both 32 and 64-bit systems.



  • Supports multiple repositories including Teamforge, Cloudforge, and Github.
  • Although Giteye is a proprietary application from collab.net, it is free to use.
  • Features for team collaboration are included.
  • Supply chain management and distributed version control are some of the key benefits.
  • Bug tracking, agile planning, code reviews and build services made easy with the help of the central visibility functions.


If you are a Git CUI user and want to move to a graphical interface, Gitbox is the most suitable option for you. Gitbox lets you visualize the command line interface like a clear picture. Gitbox is very easy to use for experienced Git users. Gitbox is free to use window, but it’s a paid application for Mac User.

Gitbox for macOS


  • Stage, branches, commits and submodules can all be monitored with the improved performance update manager function.
  • Gitbox can fix errors when cloning urls and submodule paths with spaces.
  • Gitbox can automatically fix several error messages.
  • The automatic retrieval of remote servers and the visual difference between the branches help the user to keep track of the changes.
  • Drag & drop and quick look functions will be added in the new update.
  • Instant syncing with the file system and smooth integration with Terminal are some of the most important features of Giteye.


You can enjoy the full functionality of Git through the command line interface, but for free. But the GUI is used to increase the production speed. But in many cases you will use the CUI over and over again for a deeper understanding. So without learning the basics of Git CUI, it is not possible to use Git professionally by just implementing GUI apps. For faster processing, team collaboration, and faster operating speeds, Git GUIs can be a viable choice.

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