NordVPN’s kill switch not working? – Try these 5 fixes!

In our guide to the best VPNs with kill switch, you can see that we’ve highlighted NordVPN pretty prominently. That’s because the kill switch on this VPN is pretty powerful and comes in different forms for different operating systems. However, like any other VPN-related technology, things can go wrong at times. So if you typed “NordVPN kill switch not working” into Google, you know you have come to the right place.

Here are the 5 most effective ways to troubleshoot issues when NordVPN’s kill switch isn’t working properly. Let’s get in right away, yeah?

1. Understand how NordVPN’s kill switch works (and where it’s available)

Before we go any further, it is important to understand how NordVPN’s kill switch works, which should help you figure out what to expect from your local NordVPN installation. With this in mind, NordVPN offers several types of kill switch mechanisms, as described below:

  • Window: The Windows version of NordVPN offers two types of kill switches. There is the “Internet Kill Switch”, which turns off system-wide Internet access and protects all of your installed applications. And then there’s the “App Kill Switch,” which allows you to create a list of apps that will shut down if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly.
  • Mac OS: NordVPN offers two different apps for macOS. If you download NordVPN from the Mac App Store, you are using the IKEv2 protocol. This protocol comes with its own kill switch, which is enabled by default (there is no way to disable it). And when you download NordVPN from their website, you get the OpenVPN version. With this version, you can create a list of apps that will shut down when necessary.
  • iOS: NordVPN’s kill switch on iPhones and iPads is an automated one. Since this version of NordVPN runs on IKEv2, the kill switch is not displayed in the settings of the applications. Note, however, that you are protected in the background (and you cannot turn it off).
  • Android: When it comes to Google’s operating system, NordVPN’s kill switch is system-wide and blocks internet access when there are no VPN connections. Newer Android versions have the “Always On VPN” function (accessible via Settings> Connections> Additional connection settings> VPN), which activates the system-wide kill switch.
  • Linux: Finally, we have Linux, where NordVPN offers a system-wide kill switch that kicks in as soon as your VPN connection goes down. This function is activated with the command ‘nordvpn set killswitch on’.

As you can see above, not all versions of NordVPN have a kill switch whose settings you can access. For example, the macOS and iOS versions of NordVPN have this built-in feature. So if the VPN’s kill switch isn’t working, one solution is to try another server.

2. Switch to a different VPN protocol

Each VPN protocol treats your web data differently. Therefore, when you switch to a new protocol, it changes your encryption and how your VPN’s kill switch works. That makes switching to a new protocol a good solution if NordVPN’s kill switch isn’t working. So do the following:

  1. Start NordVPN on your device.
  2. Navigate to the the settings.
  3. Make sure you are on the ‘General‘Tab.
  4. Look up ‘VPN protocol. ‘ Then, counter to a new protocol.
  5. Return to the NordVPN home screen and try to connect again.

Keep in mind that you cannot change protocols in all versions of NordVPN. For example, if you installed NordVPN from Apple’s iOS / Mac App Store, you can only use IKEv2 (unless you download the VPN app from their website, which gives you access to two flavors of OpenVPN).

3. Try Another Kill Switch Mode (Windows)

As mentioned above, NordVPN offers a number of different kill switch mechanisms on certain platforms like Windows. If NordVPN’s kill switch isn’t working, here’s an alternative kill switch you can try:

  1. Start NordVPN on your Windows PC.
  2. Navigate to the the settings.
  3. Make sure you choose ‘Emergency switch‘ Left.
  4. Now, activate the Type of kill switch You want to use.
  5. Slide the switch next to ‘Internet kill switch‘or’App kill switch. ‘
  6. Return to the NordVPN home screen and try to connect again.

4.Install and run NordVPN as administrator (Windows)

As mentioned earlier, NordVPN requires higher level permissions to run on Windows machines. This applies to the installation and regular operation of the software. So you might want to install and run NordVPN as an ‘administrator’. This is how it’s done.

  1. First, make sure that Uninstall NordVPN from your Windows PC.
  2. Now go to and log in to your account.
  3. Choose ‘Downloads‘ Left. Then, Download NordVPN for pc.
  4. Right click in the installer and select ‘Execute as administrator. ‘
  5. Confirm your selection by pressing ‘Yes. ‘
  6. Finish installing NordVPN on your Windows PC.
  7. Next, make sure NordVPN is not running.
  8. Find The NordVPN executable (in the ‘Applications’ folder).
  9. Right click on the executable and select ‘properties. ‘
  10. Choose the ‘compatibility‘Tab and activate the’Run this program as an administrator‘ Possibility.

That’s it! Now you can start NordVPN and it will automatically be given the highest possible permissions to run on your Windows PC. Log into your account, connect to any server and see if NordVPN’s kill switch works as it should.

5. Restart the NordVPN service (Windows)

NordVPN’s kill switch still not working? Don’t worry, we have one more option for you to try. In this step we will show you how to restart NordVPN’s service on Windows and force the app to reload the next time it starts. Do the following:

  1. Make sure, that separate of NordVPN servers.
  2. Then, Close the VPN app also.
  3. Access … Start menu and type ‘Services. ‘
  4. Are you looking for the ‘Services app and launch it by selecting its icon.
  5. Localize ‘nordvpn service‘in the right pane.
  6. Right click on this service and select ‘properties. ‘
  7. The ‘Start type‘Parameter should be set to’Automatically. ‘
  8. Close ‘properties‘ Window. Make sure ‘nordvpn service“Is still selected.
  9. Press the ‘Restart the service‘Hyperlink on the left.
  10. Start NordVPN, connect to a server, and test its kill switch.


Here we conclude our list of things to do when NordVPN’s kill switch doesn’t work. However, if your problems with this VPN’s kill switch persist, we recommend contacting the NordVPN support team (they offer a live chat feature through their website).

Finally, we also recommend checking out our VPN troubleshooting guide for more information and our guide on fixing VPN error code problems.

Let us know if you were able to fix your NordVPN kill switch issue using the comments section below. And finally, thanks for reading!

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