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MUMBAI: People urgently want small loans to end up abused after downloading Chinese apps. Victims receive abusive calls and their names are slandered among their friends on social media and family contacts, viewed after officers gain access when the victim downloads the app and has been granted permission. In January, Telangana police arrested a Chinese man, HE Jian alias Mark (26), from Jiangxi, Thane.

A man from Mumbai took his own life because of the harassment of officers. The Maharashtra cyber cell’s Twitter account receives at least four complaints per week from victims.
Last year, on November 27, TV series writer Abhishek Makwana (37) committed suicide after allegedly being harassed by app loan sharks. Makwana’s family received threats after his death to repay a “loan”. Charkop police have registered an FIR. Makwana’s brother Jenis said: “The officers harass and threaten his family and friends for reimbursement.
Cyber ​​expert Ritesh Bhatia said he received text messages from an app that had hacked his client’s contact list. Bhatia’s wife Nirali, a cyber psychologist, has received complaints from traumatized victims after they took out small loans but paid over 100% and continued to be abused. The app is used to blackmail victims even though the loans are paid off.
Some people who have not taken out loans are threatened with paying IMEs because their number is removed from those who have taken out a loan. “The client took out a loan for his son’s blood transfusion. A cyber expert also received a text message slandering the name of his client who took a loan of Rs 1.8 lakh and ended up paying Rs 4 lakh but money is still demanded, ”Bhatia said. A girl said she received a rape threat for a day’s delay on a 5,000 rupee loan.
About five lakh people have been ripped off over Rs 15 crore since the end of March 2020. Police co-commissioner Yashasvi Yadav said apps were not allowed.

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