Google is hiring for many jobs in Canada and you don’t need a degree to apply

Looking for a career change or a job in a respected company? Well, Google is hiring for various positions across Canada — and the best part? You don’t even need a degree for all of them.

Big companies like Meta, Google and Amazon have been hiring across Canada, and with great benefits and even better salaries, who wouldn’t love to land a job with one of them?

Google is currently hiring Canadians in major cities including Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and of course Montreal, and Google has made it clear that they are willing to accept relevant experience in lieu of college education for some jobs.

So if you are looking for work in technology-related fields and want to secure a good place on Google, then check out these current job openings.

Manager, global communication

Company: Google

Location: Montreal, QC

Who should apply: Google is looking for applicants with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience, including six years of experience in a business, media, technology, or nonprofit environment. Candidates must also be able to speak and write fluently in English and French.

Applicants should have experience managing an external external communications agency and be able to work with colleagues in different countries and understand cultural differences, work efficiently with a global team of colleagues and cross-functional stakeholders, and think, plan and execute multiple projects at the same time in an organized way.

Responsibilities for this role include working cross-functionally with sales, marketing, policy, development and product teams to bring the broader Google Canada narrative to the Quebec media and to support policies and business goals, while also collaborating with Quebec journalists and commentators, and serve as spokespersons for various corporate announcements and matters.

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software developer

Company: Google

Location: Montreal, QC and Waterloo, ON

Who should apply: Google is looking for candidates with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, including two years of software development experience or one year of advanced degree experience. Applicants can also apply if they have at least two years of experience with data structures or algorithms.

Responsibilities for this position include: writing product or system development code, participating in or leading design reviews with peers and stakeholders, reviewing code developed by other developers, contributing to existing documentation or training content, and adapting content based on it on product/program updates and user feedback.

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Software developer, early career

Company: Google

Location: Waterloo, ON

Who should apply: Google is looking for candidates who have at least one to three years of industry experience in software development. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience is required.

Experience in programming with two or more of the following languages: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Go and/or Python, web or mobile application development, Unix/Linux environments, distributed and parallel systems, machine learning, Information retrieval, natural language processing, networking, software systems and/or security software development are all beneficial.

Responsibilities for this position include designing, developing, testing, deploying, maintaining, and improving software, as well as managing individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables.

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Google intern

Company: Google

Location: Montreal, QC, Waterloo, ON and Toronto, ON

Who should apply: Google is recruiting for various software development and research internship positions in a number of cities across Canada for Fall 2022.

Applicants should be pursuing university studies in related programs such as computer science or other technical related fields. Experience in software development and programming is just as beneficial as experience and knowledge of computer science, natural sciences, economics, operations research and statistics, to name just a few.

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Account Manager, Retail

Company: Google

Location: Toronto, ON

Who should apply: Candidates with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience, such as B. five years of experience in sales in the media or advertising industry. Applicants should have experience working cross-functionally in a large organization, have the ability to work collaboratively on projects and have excellent analytical skills.

Responsibilities for this role include building relationships to act as a trusted advisor, optimizing video and brand strategy while simultaneously developing and executing joint business plans, forward planning, and display and video incentive programs.

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