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GM’s Ultium EV platform, developed in collaboration with LG, will be the all-electric Cadillac Celstiq. of the company

General Motors presented its upcoming EV series as well as a new battery cell and drive architecture at CES 2022.

GM’s Ultium EV platform, developed in partnership with LG, will underpin the company’s all-electric Cadillac Celstiq. The Celestiq includes both IoT and AI controlled features to compete with Tesla’s high-end electric vehicles. On the one hand, it will be the first use of the automated driver assistance software Ultra Cruise from GM, a successor to GM Super Cruise, andws Tesla added its full self-driving software in ignitions last year.

The artificial intelligence in Ultra Cruise knows how to navigate 2 million miles of roads in North America. He can steer not only on highways, but also on city streets and paved country roads. Officially, it is a level 2 autonomous driving system, which means that human supervision is required. But GM claims it can work hands-free in 95% of driving situations, from start to finish.

It’s an important stepping stone in GM’s autonomy plans. Cruise, the GM-controlled self-driving subsidiary, expects to have personal autonomous vehicles ready by the middle of this decade and has just begun testing its technology on the streets of San Francisco, GM CEO Mary Barra said during the presentation.

GM also mentioned Pure Watercraft, the electric boat maker it sponsored in November.

Celestiq first appeared in media reports last year. From the interior, a 23-inch LED screen is reportedly installed in the front dash, along with smaller monitors in the rear. Thanks to advanced nanoparticles in the roof, passengers can choose different glass transparency settings for the quartile in which they are seated.

GM is also promising a smoother ride on its upcoming EV products. Its new flexible drive system Ultiumdrive has five interchangeable drive units which, according to company representatives, will standardize the EV drive across the front, rear and wheels.

Truck and SUV electric vehicles will also be presented

The mid-priced Silverado EV pickup truck is slated to hit the market next year and will be presented at CES for $ 40,000. Its Ultium battery pack has enough to pull an 8,000 pound payload and charge a second EV via an external cord in case there is a surplus. Future models will tow 20,000 lb. GM’s heads-up display shows important notifications on the windshield, including current speed, speed limits and driver assistance functions. EV models of the Chevrolet Equinox and Chevrolet Blazer were also revealed.

GM also presented Ultifi, the company’s new over-the-air service platform based on the open source Linux operating system. It allows owners to update product firmware with third-party utility functions through GM’s smartphone apps: Cadillac, MyGMC, My Chevrolet, and MyBuick.

GM’s commercial EV subsidiary also had some good news. BrightDrop, the electric utility vehicle supplier founded by GM at the last CES, is extending its contract with FedEx to supply an additional 2,000 electric vehicles over three years, while Walmart bought an additional 5,000.

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