Chinese-made Linux distribution deepin 23 Preview now available for download

Developed and maintained by Chinese developers, Deepin has long been recognized as one of the most beautiful Linux-based operating systems. Understandably, many people are suspicious of the spread due to its development in China – especially when biometric data is added. Not to mention the last dust about Taiwan and obviously ongoing genocide.

However, if you’re someone who trusts Deepin despite your country of origin, I have some really exciting news. An official public preview of the upcoming Deepin 23 is available for download today. Developers highlight the inclusion of the new “Linglong” package format, atomic updates, and new repositories.

“Linglong is a new package format developed by Deepin that aims to solve various compatibility issues caused by complex dependencies of traditional package formats on Linux and reduce the security risks caused by decentralized control of permissions. It is available for any Linux distribution and supports incremental application updates, app management, distribution and sandboxing, which not only improves the user experience but also greatly protects user privacy,” explained the Deepin development team.

The developers further explain: “Atomic update is a new idea for system updates that considers system updates as atomic operations – when packages are successfully installed, system updates are complete; when system update fails, the system can be rolled back to the previous version without any changes, effectively avoiding the problem that some dependencies are installed but the system is not fully updated. Atomic updates do not rely on system installation methods and specific partitions, and support system rollback after an upgrade.

The developers share a surprisingly brief changelog below.

  • Added new wallpapers
  • Brand new repositories created
  • Added HWE 5.18 kernel
  • Added support for atomic updates and system rollback
  • Added support for the new Linglong package format
  • Offers some Linglong applications

As always, you should never Installing a pre-release operating system on a production computer. Instead, it would be advisable to test deepin 23 Preview on a spare computer or as a virtual machine. You can download an ISO here now.

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