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Here’s what we like

  • Lots of photo and video editing tools
  • The desktop app is easy to use
  • Good price

And what we don’t do

  • Using the mobile app is complex

In the past, to edit a photo, you had to jump to your desktop, open photo editing software, and get to work. Now there are many tools to add special effects to your photos, create simple logos, and more with just a few clicks (or taps). Picsart is perhaps one of the best.

Whether you’re looking for quick photo and video editing from your phone or laptop, Picsart is the free tool to get the job done. But if you’re looking for even more tools, access to millions of Shutterstock photos, and unwatermarked edited images, here’s what you should know about Picsart Gold.

Navigate through Picsart for the first time

Editing tools in Picsart

I have to admit from the start that I’m not a trained photo or video editor. I could maybe point them out to you Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop, but that’s the extent of my knowledge.

However, I use Photo editing tools in my daily life for things like lightening a photo before sharing it on Instagram or creating simple infographics for blog posts. To me, the best tools are straightforward with simple features that even a beginner can use. And that’s what I found in Picsart.

When I first navigated Picsart I found it super intuitive and easy to use. Everything you need, from templates to text, is conveniently located on the left in a simple toolbar. If you have ever used tools like canvas or BeFunkyfeel comfortable in Picsart.

Putting Picsart to the Test: Simple Edits

When you open Picsart in your browser, there are several ways to start a new project. You can select Create from the top navigation bar, click New Project, or select from the pre-designed layouts under Design for.

Note: The desktop version of Picsart is available in your web browser (e.g. Chrome or Microsoft Edge) and should work on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux.

Infographics made easy

Infographic created with Picsart

One thing you’ll notice when creating new designs in Picsart is how quickly your project comes together. For this infographic, all I did was select Infographic from the Layouts tool, change the background color using the Background feature, and then add my elements using the Text, Elements, and Stickers tools.

All in all, this simple graphic took a whopping five minutes (at most) to put together. A simple click is all it takes to add elements to your design. Or you can drag and drop. To resize components, simply drag the object frame to your preferred dimensions.

Picsart Gold has literally millions of images and elements to choose from compared to the thousands available in the free version (more on that later). And I was amazed by the number of fonts available.

Not sure what to create? No problem. Picsart has tons of templates to choose from to get those creative juices flowing, from flyers to Zoom backgrounds. It also includes popular layouts, so you don’t have to hunt for sizes for the perfect Facebook cover or email header.

Lots of useful and fun photo editing tools

Photo editing tools in Picsart

Whether you need to quickly convert a color photo to black and white or remove a busy background from an image, you can do it all in Picsart.

To upload a photo to Picsart, just select “Uploads” and go from there. Or you can choose from millions of photos thanks to Shutterstock by selecting “Photos”. Yes, Picsart Gold includes access to Shutterstock for personal and commercial use.

After uploading or selecting a photo, you can edit it as you like. For example, be sure to try the “Effects” tool, which offers more effects than you could ever need. My favorite was the glitch effect you can see in the image above. cool right?

Of course, you can also make other changes to your photos using tools like the following:

  • Light: Change the brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights and opacity of your photo
  • Colours: Edit the saturation, hue and temperature of your photo
  • Details: Add some clarity to your photos
  • Mixture: Blend two photos into one with overlay, hard light, soft light and more
  • Animation: Fade in your photo, zoom out and beyond
  • harvest: Crop your image as you like

User-friendly video editing tools

Creating a slideshow in Picsart

Whether you need to create an Instagram reel or a quick brand promo, Picsart can handle it all with ease. The video tools in the platform set it apart from other web-based editing apps.

To get started, all you have to do is upload the video you want to edit. Or you can choose a video from the Picsart library. This is a great option for creating video snippets, simple slideshows, etc.

Once your video is selected, there are a variety of things you can do in the editor. For example, the Adjust tool allows you to change your video into a format that works for a variety of platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Tip: Are you a developer? Cash Picsart’s API suite.

You can also add different clips to the editor and add transitions to make them work together. Other video editing features include:

  • Trim: Trim your video in just a few clicks
  • Audio: Upload your own audio to add to your video or select from the Picsart audio library
  • Text: Choose from simple text as well as complex text presets for your videos

To export your video, simply select “Export” at the top right of your desktop screen. Various quality options are available, ranging from 360p to 4K for Gold subscribers. File types include WebM and MP4.

Remarkable editing and design features of Picsart Gold

While the free version of Picsart includes a wide range of editing tools, Picsart Gold takes it to the next level and unlocks all the features of the extensive platform. Here are some of the most notable.

Choose from millions of stickers and photos

One of my favorite things about Picsart Gold is the sheer number of items included, from stickers to photos. There are millions of images that can be included in any design. Plus, the simple search feature makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The additional Shutterstock integration is fantastic for finding high-quality stock photos for personal and business use.

Remove image backgrounds in one click

A standout feature of Picsart Gold is the Background Remover tool. With an image open in the editor, select Remove BG from the top toolbar. Picsart intelligently removes the background from your image with just one click.

Batch edit photos

Another important feature especially for Picsart Gold subscribers is the batch edit tool. This is perfect for editing multiple images at once. Tools include a resize function for resizing multiple images at once, and a crop tool.

Save up to 100 projects at once

With Picsart Gold you can edit and save up to 100 projects at the same time. That’s more than enough storage space for anyone using the platform. Of course, deleting projects is easy if you run out of space.

Mobile App: Editing tools at your fingertips

Picsart also offers a robust mobile app (available for iPhone and Android). It allows you to quickly edit photos, create collages and more right on your mobile device.

The mobile app includes many unique features that you won’t find in the desktop version, including fun AI tools like Hair Recolor (change your hair color in a photo) and Dress Up (change the pattern and color of your clothes in a photo). .

As for video editing, you can quickly create slideshows within the app. Just select the videos you want to add to your slideshow and edit them until you’re satisfied. While the free version of the app lets you crop your slideshow, add effects, and more, other advanced features like adding music from your mobile library to your slideshow require Picsart Gold.

Overall, the mobile app includes many features for editing photos and videos on the go. However, would I say it’s as easy to use as the desktop version? I do not think so. For some editing, like creating graphics, the mobile app can be a bit complex.

With so many features and editing options, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for on the desktop. It’s also important to note that the free version comes with ads. For more extensive editing, I recommend the desktop app. And if you don’t want to see ads or unlock all editing tools on mobile, you need Picsart Gold.

Should You Upgrade to Picsart Gold?

Picsart is a feature-rich photo and video editing tool that is easy for anyone to use. But is upgrading to Picsart Gold the right choice for you?

The tools and features hidden within this platform go far beyond what this review could ever cover. For beginners just looking for a way to add some quick effects to a photo, Picsart Gold’s features can be a bit overwhelming. The free version of Picsart might just do the trick.

However, if you frequently edit photos and videos, or need a platform to help you create more complex visuals such as infographics, social media graphics, logos, and more, Picart Gold could be right for you.

Picsart Gold costs $4.66 per month ($55.99 billed annually). Given the number of features available, as well as the ability to edit photos and videos, it’s worth the price. Not so sure? With the 7-day free trial, you can test Picsart Gold anytime on desktop and mobile.



Here’s what we like

  • Lots of photo and video editing tools
  • The desktop app is easy to use
  • Good price

And what we don’t do

  • Using the mobile app is complex

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